Openstack Installation : My Requirements

Note : Most of the contents here are from “” site.  I have listed in sequence what I did to have open stack up and running in my home lab.  It is just my preference to have the notes online.


Until now, had been using KVM for my home lab needs. Working VMs hosted on Openstack environment had observed quite a few issues when testing the application, more specifically clustering. Not observing the same when testing on VMs hosted on KVM, wanted to know more about issues related to using Openstack for hosting computes. Of course liked the ‘networking’ (neutron) services features. So decided to migrate from KVM to Openstack.

Being a Debian fan, had tried to have it installed on Debian stretch. However when I came to know that ‘cloud-archive’ repositories were maintained by Canonical, quickly shifted over to Ubuntu 18.04. The follow sequence of posts are steps I had followed to have a basic functioning Openstack environment at home.

Simple lab setup

Based on my observations working on Openstack environment, had decided to have a dedicated controller node and two compute nodes. Of course the choice was not to install it on VMs, but on physical servers. One other reason to go for dedicated controller, was to make use of a single board computer I had in my inventory. Pretty interesting piece of hardware.

Intel N4200 based SBC, 8 GB DDR4, 128 GB EMMC, 250G SSD, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Port

For compute node, had decided to used Dell Power Edge R430, 12 Core 24 Threads, 64G DDR4, 600G SAS, 1.8T HDD.

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