Openstack installation : Message Queue

Had followed steps given in – Content mostly from – This is just a compilation on steps followed by me.  Minor changes may be observed as I had installed on Debian 9.6.

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OpenStack uses a message queue to coordinate operations and status information among services. Typically runs on the controller node.

OpenStack supports several message queue services including RabbitMQ, Qpid, and ZeroMQ.

Install RabbitMQ on controller node

root@controller:~#apt install rabbitmq-server

Add the openstack user:

root@controller:~# rabbitmqctl add_user openstack midlodza
Creating user "openstack" ...

Permit configuration, write, and read access for the openstack user:

root@controller:~# rabbitmqctl set_permissions openstack ".*" ".*" ".*"
Setting permissions for user "openstack" in vhost "/" ...