Openstack installation : Launch VM

Note : I preferred to use horizon for launching a VM rather than using the CLI commands. The following snapshots show the sequence/wizard flow in launching a VM which is self explanatory.

From Horizon dashboard, Choose Project -> Compute -> Launch Instance and provide the name and description
Plan was to use the Cirros Image for the new VM. Wanted have a new volume created in Cinder and have it deleted when the VM instance is deleted.
Select the flavor, typically only one would have been created at this stage – if this guide was followed and then click on Next
Select the self service network and click on Next.
VM creation / launch starts
While the VM is being launched, lets allocate one floating ip from the provider network. From dashboard choose Project -> Floating Ips -> Allocate to project.
One free IP from provider network pool gets allocated.
Dashboard -> Project -> Compute -> Instances – Select Associate Floating IP option for the recently created VM so that we can access the VM from external networks.
Select the allocated IP, Ports to be associated will list the port (interface of VM)
IP from provider network pool gets associated with the VM. Now we can access the VM form external network.
Access the VM from external network. Note : for Cirros image the default username is cirros and password is ‘gocubsgo’

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